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Functional Testing Solutions

Functional testing is a type of testing that seeks to establish whether each application feature works as per the software requirements. Each function is compared to the corresponding requirement to ascertain whether its output is consistent with the end user»s expectations.

The testing is done by providing sample inputs, capturing resulting outputs, and verifying that actual outputs are the same as expected outputs.

How we test

You let us take professional care of your needs.

  • 1. Discussion

    We discuss your budget, scope of work, and the result that you expect.

  • 2. Building strategy

    We analyze the requirements to build test strategy.

  • 3. Test execution

    We perform testing to ensure the application meets requirements.

  • 4. Test reporting

    We prepare a report with discovered issues and potential improvements.

  • 5. Contribution

    We contribute to your project with the quality and testing processes.

Purpose of the Functional testing

You let us take professional care of your needs.

The main purpose of this form of software testing is to test each functionality of the application by providing certain inputs and validating the outputs against the functional requirements.

In simpler words, this form of testing verifies whether the software performs in a way the users expect.

Functional Testing helps you avoid:

— a poor user experience for customers, employees, and other end users,

— flaws in the system»s functionality that create security risks,

— users receiving unexpected outputs and having to contact customer service, or even abandon the application altogether,

— false form errors and inaccurate website information.