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Documentation Testing

Documentation Testing

Documentation testing includes the plans, results, and testing of a system or system component. It includes test case specifications, test plans, test procedures, test reports, and test logs. It is about the testing of all the documents stating, defining, explaining, and reporting or validating requirements, procedures followed, and results. Documentation testing starts with the beginning of the very first software process to be the most cost-effective. Documentation testing includes checking the spelling and grammar to review any ambiguity or inconsistency between what functionality it performs and what it is supposed to do.


Purpose of Documentation testing

The purpose of documentation testing is to check the correctness of the requirements for the requirements completeness, unambiguity, feasibility, consistency, etc. Reducing the risks of inconsistencies in the implemented functionality, in accordance with the prescribed requirements. The presence of such defects in the documentation leads to a significant increase in the costs and time spent on correcting the errors, preventing the developer from making mistakes when writing code, and reducing the risks of transferring a software product with low-quality documentation to operation.